Coding Standard

Any submission to this project should closely follow the PEP 8 coding guidelines with the exceptions:

  1. Lines can be up to 100 characters long.
  2. Single letter or otherwise nondescript variable names are prohibited.

Standards for new hug modules

New modules added to the hug project should all live directly within the hug/ directory without nesting. If the modules are meant only for internal use within hug they should be prefixed with a leading underscore. For example, def _internal_function. Modules should contain a doc string at the top that gives a general explanation of the purpose and then restates the project's use of the MIT license.

There should be a tests/test_$ file created to correspond to every new module that contains test coverage for the module. Ideally, tests should be 1:1 (one test object per code object, one test method per code method) to the extent cleanly possible.